Printed balloons

Pimex is the distributor of balloon, Pimex always provide plenty of Printed balloon. Pimex is always ready for distributing custom made, OEM printed balloon.

Christmas ornament

Pimex provide christmas novelties locally in malaysia, including all sort of party novelties. Christmas is a nice day that we all should participate, so buy Christmas ornament, give some fun to those kids!

Helium Gas Malaysia

You might be suprise, but Pimex also running helium gas business in malaysia. Pimex will always ready for your upcoming order and request. Aside the Party novelties Malaysia in malaysia, we also provide Helium gas.

Balloon Malaysia

Pimex is located at Malaysia, thus any local order is welcome

Christmas Party Balloon

if you happen to want to organize a Christmas Party in Malaysia, we also can help you as well, we provide Christmas ornament Malaysia at reasonable price and rate, you can get balloon from us too, or if you want to customize and make your party more unique look and nicer, try out our party balloon, or printed balloon!
yes, try our store now! contact us, we are Pimex!
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The name, PIMEX SDN BHD , has stood for the best in balloons and party accessories since 1992. Our Company, established in 1992, are most grateful to our clients for their continuous support, and through their kind efforts, have contributed to our development..

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